The bloggers were invited last night for quite a feast as three food establishments in Corner Market Cafe served us their top products. Besides Pizza Morena, the newest stall, there was also Sari Salo and Inari joining in the celebration of good food.

Pizza Morena charms is on serving quality brick oven style pizza, using quality ingredients like truffle, mascarpone and burrata cheeses. Each whole piece is good for 3-4 people at an average price of just Php 350. The dough is made on site and a pizza is prepared from start to finish in as fast as 10 minutes. It only takes 3-4 minutes to cook it!

They currently have 8 varieties. I got to indulge in some like the Spinach & Artichoke and the 4 Cheese & Chives. They also gave us Burrata Salad to try.

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