Last night, Mia and I got to indulge in a modern Korean feast from Sibyullee. It was a spread unlike other Korean establishments, the offerings are uniquely curated without changing the authenticity in taste.

My favorite was the Galbi Cheese Barbecue, a colorful platter of sorts cooked in front of you. It has spiced up, well-marinated beef ribs, oozing melted cheese, crisp vegetables, corn, and eggs. This set for 2 comes with your choice of fresh or flavored Samgyupsal (200 grams pork belly), unlimited side dishes, 2 soup, and 2 plain rice. All of these for just Php 1,200. I highly recommend getting this for an intimate date.

The side dishes come in six different varieties and you can have as many of these as you wish. They have a salad, mashed sweet potato, scrambled eggs, sweetened peanuts, tofu and the Korean staple of Kimchi.

Mia and I also shared (but barely finished) an appetizing and filling Haemul Pajeon, a Korean pancake made with shrimp, Korean mussels and green onions. It comes with a delicious, complementing soy dip. I suggest ordering this if you are here with a group. It can satisfy 4-5 hungry individuals!

Since Mia loves Japchae, we got it as well. At this point, we were sure that we got too much food already. We didn’t mind having a lot especially when all were done well. Sibyullee’s version of Japchae was fantastic. The glass noodles were firm and smooth and the toppings were generous.

If Unlimited Korean Barbecue is what you are looking at, they have that here as well for as low as Php 499 per person. You can choose from 10 different types of meat! The price also includes all you can have rice, soup and side dishes!

Thank you Sibyullee for this wonderful encounter. We will surely be back for more!

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