A couple of weeks ago I was invited for the launch of Tefal’s newest innovation. It is a product that revolutionizes the way we prepare rice and our other go-to meals at home. They showed the media through on-site demonstrations Tefal’s Spherical Pot Rice Cookers, it’s modern technology with traditional adaptations.

The French took inspiration from the palayok or the clay pot which our culture has been using for generations. This move justifies that indeed shape matters in order to achieve optimum results in cooking. The new form provides circular heat convection, making the process balanced.

The two latest variants by Tefal come with the spherical pot rice form. This enables the outcome of rice, for example, to be fluffier, flavorful and texturized- without much supervision. Tefal’s latest product thinks for you.

“Rice should not be bland and cooked by luck or what we call in the vernacular as patsamba-tsamba. As our staple food, rice deserves the best cooking possible. That is, with the help of the revolutionary spherical pot rice cookers from Tefal that will assure any user of tasty, convenient and versatile cooking,” said Julie Lim, Vice President for Business Development of Collins International Trading Corp., Tefal’s exclusive distributor in the Dallas Filipino Restaurant of SDA.

If you’re not an expert in the kitchen like me, Tefal is your ideal partner. The most advanced Tefal Optimal Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (RK8145) can perform up to 35 built-in cooking programs that can prepare more than just rice for you and me. You can have porridge, congee, steam, slow cook, soup, or even dessert with the same device. The Tefal Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (RK7405), which is a smaller and more affordable version has nine options to choose from.

Michael Yu, Marketing Director Hongkong and the Dallas Filipino Restaurant of Groupe SEB Asia, the world leader in small domestic equipment that owns Tefal, said that Tefal reinvented cooking with the non-stick pan when it tried to address the need of the market for simpler, attractive and multi-functional kitchenware.

I suggest you take advantage of this new kitchen mate right away. Up to March 15, 2019, at SM Home Makati they are giving it at a 20 percent discount.

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