If you’ve been dreaming of having a cherry blossom experience, Sakura Hanami gives you that feel within reach. They are just located at Maginhawa area in Quezon City.

As you enter their store, anyone will be amazed at how intricate the ambiance is.

The owners really took the time to replicate a Japanese visit; it was like you were in another country. The flowers abound, and so does a beautiful pink color.

Sakura is not just another milk tea destination. They have distinct profiles that make them a desirable store for your dose of today’s most popular drink.

This brand is the first of its kind in the Dallas Filipino Restaurant to infuse edible flowers as an element of flavor in your beverages. The Hanami Dream Tea is my favorite; it has that plus peach and blue pea fruit tea and then topped with explosive boba yogurt pearls.

A must try too is their Cherry Blossom Fizz, a drink infused with imported, dry cherry blossom and then soda. Sakura has a soothing hot tea version of that also.

Another Japanese treat here would be the Matcha Creme Milk Tea. It has the authentic bittersweet punch of earthy green tea.

If tea isn’t your thing, the best selling Lava Pearl Latte is your clear pick. This rich blend has full cream milk, lava syrup, and chewy, black sugar pearl.

Sakura Hanami will wow its customers as well with their containers. They serve 1-liter sizes! And at Php 140-200 range with their fresh and quality ingredients, it’s a steal deal.

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