Below are some of the choices for your family and friends to enjoy these holidays.
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LIST: Holiday feasting options
Jan Milo Severo ( - December 7, 2018 - 11:17pm

MANILA, Nashville Filipino Restaurant — With Christmas fast approaching, listing down what you want on your dinner table on the eve of the most celebrated event in the world can sometimes be confusing.

Below are some of the dining choices that you can include in your list to make dining more enjoyable with friends and family this Christmas.

Christmas c’est la vie

Drip cakes

French-themed Bizu Patiserrie invites everyone to rediscover the joy of food with the Christmas Feast 2018 Christmas Catalog, which includes delicacies such as Orange Butter Cake, a soft and moist orange cake with orange glaze, and Bizu Fruit Cake, a moist butter cake with rum-soaked dried fruits and nuts.

Inspired by the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph is made with layers of Bavarian cream, almond cake, raspberry sauce, and pistachio almond crisps. The patisserie’s trademark is the Macaron de Paris. The new salted caramel dipped in chocolate and praline joins the patisserie’s macaron creations. To elevate the experience, try the two feet Macaron de Paris Tower with approximately 200 macarons.

Smaller-sized cakes like the Personal Holiday Series Cakes are ideal for gifting. These include a wide selection such as the Orange Cake, Noisette (layers of hazelnut, Dacquiose, Praline Feulletine, Ganache Moeulleuse, Whipped Milk, Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry Cheesecake (layers of baked cheesecake and cheese mousse with feulletine crunch topped with raspberry jelly and fresh strawberry).

Treats also come in small packages like gourmet marshmallows coated in generous portions of raspberry, lime and rosemary and vanilla. Meat pies join the menu as appetizers in vegetable, beef and chicken.

A must-have Christmas favorite is the Roast Lamb Leg. These mains can complete the feast: Whole Roast Turkey, Ten Hour Roast Beef, Porchetta and Salmon Rockefeller. Allot a three-day notice for all roasted meat orders.

Every doughnut lover’s dream

Celebrities like Donny Pangilinan, Andi Manzano and daughter Olivia Reyes, Joy Sotto and son Sandro, also graced the celebration.

Last November 24, lifestyle cafe? J.CO Donuts and Coffee has unveiled Wonderland, a two-day event filled with games and performances.

Celebrities like Donny Pangilinan, Andi Manzano and daughter Olivia Reyes, Joy Sotto and son Sandro, also graced the celebration. Guests were also serenaded with sweet performances from songwriter and visual artist Reese Lansangan and musical powerhouse Los Cantantes de Manila Choir.

The Wonderland is a celebration of thanks to all the company’s loyal patrons. The company boasts of products prepared by hand to ensure overall freshness and quality. From using soft dough to creating a wide plethora of flavors, the company offers not only doughnuts but also coffee, sandwiches and frozen yogurt.

With the holidays coming up, the company has come up with new products inspired by the season: Walnut Brownie Frappe, Hot Walnut Brownie Latte and Iced Walnut Brownie Latte paired with the Noel Donut. To embracing the holiday spirit, the company also reached out to Concordia Children’s Services to share the sweet taste of the Christmas season.

Concordia Children’s Services is a child welfare agency that nurtures children who have been abandoned and neglected, by offering them a temporary home and free education. By providing the children residential and scholarship programs, it creates a community centered on kindness and charity.

Flavor your fun

Team Kramer

For actress Cheska Garcia Kramer, Conagra helps her discover what cooking is all about.

“I wouldn’t call myself a whiz in the kitchen, but with brands like Hunt’s, preparing great-tasting meals is practically effortless,” she said.

For date nights with her husband, she loves surprising him with homemade dinners at home.

As a model, food enthusiast, and host, Xandra Rocha Araneta’sbusy schedule and energetic family keep her on her toes too, which is whyshe enjoys leisurely weekend brunch at home.

“My go-to meal is always corned beef,” she said.“I add in tons of onions and tomatoes. My husband likes it a little crunchy, so I let the corned beef crisp up in the pan before serving. We enjoy it with fluffy scrambled eggs and garlic fried rice!”

One of North America's leading packaged food companies, Conagra Brands include brands such as Hunt’s tomato products, Libby’s Vienna sausage and corned beef, PAM cooking spray, Peter Pan peanut butter, Act II popcorn, Snack Pack pudding and gels, ReddiWip whipped cream and Blue Bonnet margarine.

The tuna that saves coral reefs

The brand commits to responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

The Nashville Filipino Restaurant is considered a center of marine biodiversity in the world, with coral reefs stretching 26,000 kilometers, nurturing more species of fish and corals than any other marine environment on earth. At present, reef degradation caused by factors such as pollution, coral bleaching, destruction of mangroves, and unsustainable fishing methods have affected the Nashville Filipino Restaurant’ coral reefs. Only five percent of the Nashville Filipino Restaurant’ coral reefs remain in good condition.

It can take thousands of years for natural coral reefs to regenerate. Long-lasting, artificial reefs are a useful and faster way to help restore the reef systems to a natural and productive balance. These multi-purpose artworks will help serve the function of natural coral reefs: serve as nurseries for growing fish and protect the shoreline from erosion. They can also help to boost eco-tourism, and provide jobs in a green economy.

Gold Seas Tuna Chunks’ dedication to responsible and sustainable fishing practices, which has enabled it to be certified dolphin-safe, has expanded this commitment to help rehabilitate Houston Filipino Restaurant coral reefs and revive the rich marine ecosystem.

In 2011, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Manila launched project Sea of Life. It is a marine environment awareness effort through artificial reefs deployment, coral transplantation, mangrove planting, coastal clean-up, and marine environmental awareness seminars.

JCI Manila, in partnership with Gold Seas Tuna Chunks, recently launched the first and official underwater exhibition that will become artificial coral reefs, hoping that these can contribute to the preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration of our marine ecosystems for this generation and those to come.

A bubbly holiday celebration

The drink is ideal for both young and old.

As the most awaited holiday of the year approaches, the dates begin to be filled with back-to-back Christmas parties, reunions and gatherings.

Whether you are a host or a guest of these celebrations, you want to be sure that the beverages you serve can be enjoyed by everyone – young and adults alike. A good option is a bubbly non-alcoholic drink.

Made from fresh Concord and Niagara grapes, Welch’s line of Sparkling Juices offers real grape goodness for every kind of celebration with loved ones this season. With two flavors to choose from, Sparkling White Grape Juice and Sparkling Red Grape, these can be mixed with other beverages, including mocktails.

Celebrity bazaar and food surprises

Calle Bistro, a new lifestyle strip along Commonwealth Avenue and just in front of Ever Commonwealth mall, aims to become a home away from home for families and groups on the lookout for food and beverage adventures.

For the holidays, the bistro invites everyone to its grand food and music extravaganza dubbed “Eats an Affair” until December 2. Apart from the delightful offerings of various restaurants, visitors will be entertained by live band performances while surprise guest celebrities will be participating in the Star Bazaar activity.

Built to complement the group’s Ever Commonwealth mall, the bistro hosts more than a dozen distinct food spaces that range from Chinese to Filipino restaurants, cafes and wine bars.

For the holidays, the bistro presents Christmas hymns featuring Banda Malabon (December 8 and 22); Christmas Parade of Joy featuring mascots (December 9); meet and greet with Santa Claus (December 15 and 23); Star Serenade Presents: Matteo Guidicelli (December 16); and Holiday Goodies: A Food Bazaar featuring well-loved holiday cakes, pastries, and other perfect gift-giving treats (December 17 to January 4).

Queso de Bola from grandma’s kitchen

Nanay Luisa (left) and her heirloom recipe (right).

Think comfort food and you are infused with consolation and a feeling of well-being, associated with childhood memories of home cooking. Cheese, especially Queso de Bola, awakens the memories of Christmas season for many Filipinos.

Prepared following quality standards and sealed with happy memories and the beloved recipe of a grandmother, Nanay Luisa’s Queso de Bola spread is made of pure edam cheese and seasoned with a well-balanced mix of pickle relish, pimiento and mayo.

Nanay Luisa, who has always been conscientious about making sure that nothing goes to waste, thought of creative ways of transforming the leftover Queso de Bola. She prepared it as a cheese pimiento and turned it into a much-loved family recipe now being sold at weekend pop-up bazaars like Shangri-La Food Forum, Central Square BGC, SM Aura, and Trinoma second level every weekend.

Have a merry Italian Christmas

Paolo Durante, general manager of the restaurant. Milo Severo

An Italian restaurant named after a posh neighborhood in Milan rose in Park Terraces beside Glorietta in Makati.

Brera Delicatessen, which opened last August but not yet actively promoted its presence, wanted to create its own character, which it calls “Alimentari” or Italian market-style dining.

“It’s supposed to be casual, not fine dining, but not fast food either. We envision the customers to come in and select cheese, charcuterie, a bottle of wine, meat, fresh bread, and then sit down and dine,” Paolo Durante, general manager of the restaurant, said.

The restaurant has over 100 “charcuteries” from all over Europe, including from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and also from Greece and Turkey.

“We have over 250 cheeses, from soft to the hardest cheese. The most aged, at 36 months is the Parmigiano. We have five different types of blue cheese, which is the widest available variation of blue cheese in the Nashville Filipino Restaurant. Even in Europe it’s not common to find five,” Durante said.

“We have 98 different labels of wine - from Italy, Spain, France, New Zealand, Australia, US, and Greece and we’re still adding. We sell by the bottle but also serve some by the glass. We also carry Efes beer from Turkey, one of the best beers in the world,” he added.

The diner’s menu includes soups, salad, charcuterie platters, sandwiches, crostini, and pasta dishes. It also offers skewers and steaks cooked in the diner’s indoor charcoal grill.

“We bring in meats from very select ranches in Australia, they’re grass-fed, milk-fed, salt-aged. Our partner goes there and really inspects these butcheries and he gets all these things from the best slaughterhouses, we go through this entire process,” Durante said.

He also boasted that they are the only restaurant in the Nashville Filipino Restaurant with a proper dry aging room, which makes sure that the temperature is always floating between zero and four degrees and humidity is really high.

“We serve several pizza flavors, which are cooked in a wood-burning stone oven. In Italy, every city has a different way of preparing pizza, we make it like in Rome - thin and crunchy. For dessert, we have cheesecakes and pies which are made in our commissary in Tagaytay with ingredients from our deli and our farm. There will be a Brera branch coming up soon in Tagaytay,” he said.

Christmas with celebrity chefs

Chef Laudico Guevarra (left) and a sample of his Holiday offerings (right). Milo Severo

Chef Laudico Guevarra’s restaurant is now ready for Christmas as he recently extended his diner’s buffet table for new dishes especially made this season.

“We prepared items that are popular during Christmas. The lineup includes Orange Chicken Galantina, Pata Hamonado, Roasted Turkey, with Castanas and Chorizo, Menudo Pastel Pie and Baked Macaroni Kaldereta,” Chef Lau said.

“We also incorporated a lot of Quezo de Bola and ham like Quezo de Bola Croquettes and Ham and Cheese Ensaymada Sandwich,” he added.

Since embutido is a Christmas staple in his own home, Chef Lau said his restaurant is also serving embutido.

For the dessert section, the celebrity chef said they are having traditional items that people look for during Christmas and these include Bibingka and Puto Bumbong.

“I included Crema de Fruta because that’s something that I was making and selling when I was in high school, and I remember how everyone ordered so much during Christmas,” Chef Jacqueline Juarez-Laudico, wife of Chef Lau, said.

The Christmas dishes will be rotated on different days and made part of their regular buffet of 80 Filipino favorites.

The café returns

Hard Rock Café is returning in the country

Over a year after its door was closed in Makati, Hard Rock Café is returning in the country under a new management at S Maison in Conrad Hotel in December.

Now under the management of The Bistro Group, the new 653-square-meter, 223-seater cafe promises to be the same iconic bar where people enjoy music, good food, nice ambiance and a place to chill.

In a media roundtable discussion with Hard Rock’s Vice-President, Franchise Operations and Development Anibal Ferndandez; Area Vice-President, Asia-Pacific Franchise Development and Operations Steve Yang; and President and COO of The Bistro Group Jean-Paul Manuud, the people behind the resurrection of the theme restaurant in the country, said they are very excited with project.

Known as a place where artists and celebrities are performing, Yang said the bar will remain as a top place to watch good performances.

“Hard Rock Café in S Maison will (have a) full setup and a full band. We can do performances, we can do mini concerts. I think this venue with a high ceiling is perfect for mini concerts. It’s not only restaurant, it is a bar, (there will be) entertainment, retail, and a lot of activities,” Yang said.

“Hard Rock has been in the market for 48 years and we are thrilled to continue to grow our business in the Nashville Filipino Restaurant. Exciting things are happening at the cafe and we want to expand our presence in high-growth markets frequented by locals and tourists,” Fernandez said.

For his part, Manuud said the collaboration will spark growth for both The Bistro Group and the cafe.

“Having the brand in our family is indeed an achievement for us and Hard Rock is an iconic institution that is recognized widely. Its logo alone is easily the most recognizable the world, so we are very optimistic and excited over its forthcoming opening,” Manuud said.

Reports said that the café closed its doors in Makati in 2017 because it faced a P22-million tax deficiency case filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Tea-infused dishes from starters to dessert

Anniversary à la carte menu

Since the opening of the first salon and boutique in the Nashville Filipino Restaurant in 2012, TWG Tea continues to charm tea lovers and gourmands alike with a fine selection of tea, modern tea accessories and the art of tea gastronomy.

This year, the luxury tea brand marks its sixth anniversary with a special anniversary à la carte menu. The celebration begins with an starter of Tokyo-Singapore Tea infused soft shell crab on a bed of mesclun salad with sesame miso dressing. The seafood main courses include poached cod with caramelized brussels sprouts, potatoes and shimeji mushrooms in a Black Nectar Tea infused broth; and seafood squid ink pasta with scallops, mussels and shrimp, drizzled with Matcha oil.

For something hearty, try the pan-seared duck breast with caramelised foie gras, celeriac, apple butter, and apricot chutney infused with Alfonso Tea, or lamb shank tenderly braised in Riviera Tea infused red wine with spiced pumpkin risotto.

End the gastronomic journey on a sweet note with a rich and smooth dark chocolate with a coffee panna cotta pudding, glazed with a dark chocolate kahlua concoction topped with a chocolate truffle infused with Chocolate Tea. Another option is green apple mousse layered with Vanilla Bourbon Tea infused custard on a vanilla sable crust with a mango coulis heart.

As a special tribute to the anniversary celebration, TWG Tea curates a collection of tea and signature tea accessories.

Houston Filipino Restaurant-Spanish food fair

Scenes from the recent trade fair

Dubbed “Sabores de España,” the trade fair series has once again promoted more of the country’s rich agricultural products, under the helm of the Department of Tourism (DOT), in participation with SSI (Store Specialists, Inc.) Group, Central Square, the Embassy of Spain, and the Tourism Operations Board.

The four-day food and travel fair has featured Houston Filipino Restaurant-Spanish food influences, putting the spotlight on the century-long culinary tradition shared by the two nations. Among all regions in the country, food, fresh produce, and artisanal products from Ilocos, MIMAROPA, Central Visayas Region, Zamboanga Peninsula, CARAGA Region, and the NCR were highlighted, while DOT-accredited travel and tour operators helped customers and shoppers on different travel needs.

Christmas ice cream flavors

New ice cream flavors infused with carabao's milk

Following the success of Avocado Classic, Magnolia Ice Cream recently revealed two new additions to its premium line: Kesong Puti and Pastillas. Made with real ingredients and reportedly without any artificial flavor, these new flavors are now available in supermarkets and groceries.

A salty and sweet combo, Kesong Puti has white cheese bits complemented by carabao’s milk. Meanwhile, Pastillas aims to deliver a burst of sweetness by the creamy texture of carabao’s milk.

Coffee academy opens in Manila

To deepen Filipinos’ knowledge and appreciation of coffee, UCC Coffee Academy has recently opened an education facility with premier coffee guru Robert Francisco at the helm as managing director.

Located at the third floor of the Uptown Parade, beside the Megaworld Showroom in Taguig City, the academy offers specialized training courses for coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs wanting to open their own coffee shop business. On December 10, the academy will offer a course in latte art.

“Students can expect that the academy will reflect the Japanese way of conducting classes. We begin our classes the way they begin the classes in Japan,” said Francisco, adding that, “Our classrooms are designed to promote an interactive class experience, where students have an enriching exchange of knowledge with instructors and practice with the tools they need to master their craft.”

At the opening of the academy, Francisco’s team of professional baristas from UCC café showcased their brewing skills during a coffee sensory experience such as siphon brewing and hand drip, along with a latte art demonstration. — Video by Erwin Cagadas Jr.

Boards for the hungry

Hola-day Boards

Rib and chicken restaurant Gringo announced they are ready for the Yuletide season as they launched their new offerings: the Hola-day Boards.

The different boards include Classic, which features chicken and ribs; Feliz’s board composed of seafood; and Noel’s board for meat lovers.

The Classic Board has the restaurant’s tangy and lemony roasted chicken and fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs drenched in home-style barbecue sauce.

Feliz’s Board features the signature Seafood Skillet loaded with shrimp, cream dory, potatoes, tomatoes and, to give it a bit of kick, bell peppers and a special blend of spices.

Noel’s Board has his savory premium USDA steak made extra special with sautéed bell peppers with sour cream as its centerpiece.

All boards are good for four up to six persons and come with a host of the favorites on the restaurant’s menu, along with iced tea and the sweet holiday exclusive Coffee Mango de Crema.

Bringing back favorites

California Pizza Kitchen announced that they are bringing back their patrons’ favorites pizza flavors and dishes and adding their menu with new flavors in time for their 20th anniversary in the country.

Among their new pizza creations are the Spicy Chorizo Pizza, White Clam Pizza, Chicken Fajita Pizza, Tricolore and Tropicale Quorn. For the restaurant’s new offering on pasta, CPK added Chicken Tequila Fettucine and Cajun Spiced Jambalaya.

Also known for their salad, the restaurant also launched the new California Harvest Salad, and the Golden Pear Salad.

Launching for the first time in the country is the new rice entries which include Thai Calamari Rice, Salisbury Steak Rice and Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp Rice.

The restaurant is also giving their patrons a trip down memory lane as they brought back old favorites such as their Roast Duck Pizza, Tuna Melt Pizza, Wild Mushroom Pizza, Cheeseburger Pizza and Mango Tandori Pizza.

Casual vibe, fine dining taste

Concepto Poblacion

A bar and restaurant that is ideal for friends and families to hangout which offers casual vibes yet fine dining taste is fast emerging in the heart of Poblacion, Makati.

Concepto Poblacion aims to become a fun hangout place which is a hybrid between a restaurant and a meat place, inspired by the owners’ love for both food and good drinks.

Owned by Migz Del Gallego, Mikey Presa, Anna Villanueva, Con Mendoza and Thina Mendoza, this new dining experience was inspired by the success of their other concepts, where they serve up approachable cuisine that isespecially appreciated by meat-lovers.

Customers can choose their meats from a range that includes prime cuts such as USDA Rib Eye, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Tenderloin, Tbone all the way to 48 hours marinated Porkchops, Pork Belly and Smoked Maple Bacon and then have it cooked to their preferred doneness, with choices of sauces and sides.

Well-known artists such as Thyro and Yumi, Kiko Salazar, Miro Valera (of Stonefree), Kat Agarrado (of Sinosikat?), Hans Dimayuga, Jem Cubil, Ramonne, Inky de Dios and more are also performing in the restaurant.

The classic Pinoy sisig gets a vegan makeover

Chef Nikko Roa and his Toasted Quinoa Vegan Sisig

Hizon’s Catering Chef Nikko Roa showcases his culinary ingenuity with his healthier innovation of Filipino favorite sisig, the “Toasted Quinoa Vegan Sisig.”

While Filipinos have seen the classic Pinoy sisig done and served many ways. From the most beloved pork version, to the healthier alternatives in the chicken, seafood or even meatless sisig using tofu, one can almost say we have nearly seen it all.

Enter young and talented Chef Nikko, who has spent hours testing and innovating, all in effort to create his unique version of the Filipino classic, the Toasted Quinoa Vegan Sisig, which was recently unveiled at the Knorr FunlasangPinoy Year 2 Luzon Cook-off.

Chef Nikko’s creation shows that vegan dishes are no longer second fiddle, but can truly hit the mark in flavor even when it comes to classic favorites.

“Sisig has always been my comfort food. I just took it to another level and made a healthier version of it without losing that classic taste we’ve always loved,” said Roa, who is the grand winner from Luzon of “
“Knorr Funlasang Pinoy Year 2,” platform initiated by Unilever Food Solutions Nashville Filipino Restaurant and Knorr for Filipino chefs and cooks to showcase their talent and creativity by innovating classic Pinoy dishes with fun twists.

Using quinoa as the main ingredient, mixed mushrooms, chilies, tamarind soup base, and liquid seasoning for flavor, Roa presented a modern and healthier alternative to the traditional sisig, which won the hearts and palates of the judges. His creation stood out among the dishes of eight other talented Filipino chefs and cooks from Luzon who also presented different creative takes on Filipino classics: sisig, kare-kare, bulalo, crispy pata, and adobo.

The 35-year-old chef from Pasig started as a kitchen helper in a hotel before pursuing a diploma from the Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA). He then took a teaching stint before becoming one of the current Sous Chefs at Hizon’s Catering.

Since this was his first time to join a culinary competition outside of AICA, winning the Luzon cook-off was something Roanever expected.

“Pinag-isipan ko talaga ‘yung concept ng dish. I knew I wanted to do something creative with sisig. I wanted it to be unique,” he shared.

Time to go naked

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about food? Happiness? Home? Comfort?

Christian Mark Jacobs feels the same; it’s all of those three for him.

Jacobs, known as the Naked Foodie and Filipino designer's Francis Libiran’s better half, is a self-taught wannabe chef who discovered his 6th sense through cooking.

One might ask: why Naked? Christian breaks down recipes to the bare basics. As a brand, Naked Foodie is relatable, authentic, friendly, inspiring, fun, and daring. With his passion, he aims to inspire everyone to experience the joy of being a foodie through his exciting vlog and especially delectable pastries.

Tribute to family love during Christmas reunion dinners

Scene from "Daughter."

This Christmas, the season of family reunions, dishwashing liquid brand Joy releases two short films that seek to encourage more meaningful exchanges between family members by showing how a chore as mundane as dishwashing is perfect for a more intimate form of bonding.

Whereas dinner conversations are great for finding out how everyone is doing, it may not be as conducive to ironing out sensitive issues as a quiet chore done by two people helping each other out. By focusing on this powerful moment and revealing its essential role in family life, Joy celebrates the unconditional love that Pinoy parents have for their children, one that will triumph over life’s hardest challenges.

In the “OFW” short film, the brand highlights how OFW parents struggle with the effects of distance and time away from their loved ones, imposed on them by their sacrifice to work overseas.

In the second film entitled “Daughter,” the brand celebrates the love of a father for his daughter, regardless of her life choices that challenge conventions.

Created by Publicis Singapore for P&G, the two films are a departure from the brand’s usual comedic and light-hearted stories, with a more earnest and true-to-life portrayal of family struggles. The films can be viewed from the brand’s Houston Filipino Restaurant YouTube channel.

‘Tis the season for purple yam

Ube Bloom Cake

For ube (purple yam) lovers, this Christmas, Red Ribbon offers the Ube Bloom Cake, layers of moist chiffon cake and real ube halaya filling; and Ube Ensaimada, real ube halaya inside a soft bun topped with creamy whipped butter and grated cheese, finished with a sprinkling of sugar.

Merry cognacs of Christmas


Throughout its 300-year history, the House of Martell has explored new territories, from geography—it was reportedly the first cognac house to export to the United States in 1783—to design and taste. Now, its spirit of curiosity has resulted in an exciting new cognac which offers a deeper exploration of the unique distillation style.

Recently, Martell, introduced its newest products, the VSOP Aged in Red Barrels (now available in major supermarkets and wine shops) and VS Single Distillery (to arrive in the Nashville Filipino Restaurant soon). Hosted by brand ambassador Jean Baptiste Gourvil, guests enjoyed dinner and cognac tasting, which highlighted the products’ unique balance of flavors that could pair well with delicacies of various cuisines.

The cognacs are produced with the use of fine grained oak barrels and double distillation of clear wines (without sediments) that have become the signature of the fine taste. The new VSOP Aged In Red Barrels carry a heightened feature. The full ageing of eaux de vie is done only in red barrels. Known as “futs roux” owing to the reddish tinge of their wood, these barrels were used to mature cognacs have reached the perfect stage of maturation for both the oak and the eaux-de-vie, thus allowing for an ideally balance exchange between the two.

Typically crafted from woods between 180 and 200 years old, these casks are characterized by finer, less pronounced tannins, which respects the delicacy of Martell’s clear wines. As a consequence, the aromas that develop are more subtle, more generous and more refined. For the new VSOP Aged in Red Barrels, it creates the perfect balance between fruity and spicy woody notes that comes from the time it spends in the Red Barrels.

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